Creating custom fine jewelry is our passion.

Together, from upgrading an existing piece to a “sketch from scratch”, we will design your personalized jewelry and carefully create the entire piece, one step at a time.

We will work within your budget & timeline and have your approval every step of the way, from the initial drawing to the completion of the piece.

Contact us for a free consultation session at our private studio, in a virtual setting, or in the comfort of your home.

This service is complimentary with a $500 minimum purchase.

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Whether a stone is loose, a prong is broken, a bracelet clasp is acting up, a ring needs to resized, or your white gold ring turned yellow, our master bench-jewelers are ready at your service. Please call to set up a meeting.

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It’s been a while since your favorite jewelry took a bubble bath … bring it in, and we will make it shine again.

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It’s time for an annual checkup. Please call for routine yearly checkup appointment.

We will make sure your ring is well inspected, all stones are secured, cleaned & pampered.

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Your watch is showing the right time only twice a day.

Please bring it in, and we will replace your battery tick tock.

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Your insurance is requesting an updated appraisal, or you would like to re-appraise your heirloom jewelry.

Please set up an appointment and meet our diamonds and jewelry expert appraiser.

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Our diamond buyer has been  purchasing and trading diamonds globally for over 32 year.

Whether you are looking to unlock hidden equity of your diamond and  sell your diamond for cash, or trade for another stone, we can appraise and determine the market value of your stone with no obligation on your part.

We will offer you a “cash offer” based on global market value, or if you wish, we will list your stone on a global network of buyers for a small fee.

No stone is too large …

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