Our mission is to create sustainable sourced jewelry, and to curate high performance ethical diamonds that meet our superior standards. We have cultivated global partnerships with elite diamonds producers and cutters that share our vision.

We work closely with dedicated natural diamond producers, as well as lab diamond growers, to secure productions that meet our rigid and uncompromising quality control protocol. We consistently seek high performance diamonds with rare beauty.

Each Privée high performance diamond is handpicked, based on the following criteria:

Jeweler Buying Diamond
Natural Diamonds

Natural Diamonds

  • Ethically sourced, where manufacturers follow our ethical and environmental responsible protocol;
  • Superior Quality of rough diamond crystal prior to cutting, to achieve top luster;
  • Highest Stone Durability & Integrity, with no holes, pits, open hairlines, and no cavities on the surface of the polished diamond;
  • Highest Degree of Transparency to reflect light and top luster;
  • Excellent Cutting Precision and strict ratio resulting in outstanding symmetry & proportion, to reach maximum Fire, Brilliance and Sparkle;
  • Value, we buy our diamonds and keep extensive inventory on hand. Purchasing directly from the manufactures, allow us to secure exceptional quality at a great value.

Lab Grown Diamonds 

We apply the same rigid buying methods and quality control protocols to the purchase of lab grown diamonds. In addition, we work relentlessly to avoid trace elements or other growth defects associated with lab grown diamonds, like color tinge and hue of brown, gray or yellow, as well as other characteristics like surface lines, blurriness, and ‘ring like’ reflection caused by stop & go growing process.   

Much like natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds can vary significantly in their quality and value. High-quality lab diamonds are significantly more expensive to produce than low-quality lab diamonds, thus trade at higher prices.

Round Cut Diamond

Beautiful lab grown diamonds require patience; and the faster you grow a diamond – regardless of the method – the lower the quality. Our lab grown diamond growers and cutter partners, practice slow-growing methods, and use higher-end quality diamond seed, to ensure the highest purity diamond crystals.

Privée lab grown diamonds are all of superior quality and certified by GIA or IGI, leading global gemological laboratories.

Privée’s un-compromised quality control criteria goes beyond the standard grading report, and adds an extra layer of integrity and beauty to the stone.


Privée Diamonds – A CUT ABOVE THE REST